Examples of Recent Recoveries

Glenn Johnson has handled over $100,000,000 in personal injury claims, verdicts, and settlements.

Broken jaw by assault and battery at a shopping center during a car rally:
$10,753,966 default judgment against perpetrator (uncollected)
$135,000 against shopping center owner

Wrongful death of wife and mother on a bicycle:

Molestation of 14-year-old student by public school teacher:
Confidential 7-figure settlement

Wrongful death of a mother as a pedestrian in parking lot:

Broken leg and wrist in motorcycle crash (defective wheel hub):

Multiple broken bones caused by Caltrans (Dangerous highway condition):

Broken leg/compartment syndrome of high school football player (defective footwear, artificial turf):

Broken leg/compartment syndrome to truck driver (CHP found at fault) rear-ending another big-rig:

Wrongful death of a son- Pedestrian hit by motorcyclist:
$750,000 in addition to a $285,000 credit for a gap in the motorcyclist’s coverage.

Uninsured motorist claim for aggravated preexisting soft issue complex regional pain syndrome (RSD):

Dog attack injury to child’s ear lobe (premises liability):

MVA injuries , compressed disc and fractured sternum

Exacerbation of pre-existing neck injuries (auto v auto):

Broken leg of autistic adult who was coerced into skateboarding:

Wrist injury suffered by jet mechanic after falling from scaffolding:

Pasenger vs Taxi Cab – soft tissue injury aggravated by pre-existing condition):

Motor Vehicle Accident-Soft tissue injuries, chronic pain.

Soft tissue neck and back injuries to motorcyclist:

Soft tissue injuries when family of five was rear ended by drunk driver:

Partial toe amputation caused by falling plywood at restaurant:

Soft tissue injury (auto vs. auto):

Fall down steps, resulting in a broken leg:

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